Dorsa Derakhshani


Dorsa Derakhshani is an Iranian chess Woman Grandmaster (WGM).

-Very quick aside, today I learned that the WGM title is the highest women-specific chess title (rating of 2300), but does not prevent women from also reaching the title of Grandmaster (GM, rating of 2500)-

In February of 2017, Dorsa was kicked off the Iranian chess team for “harming national interests” after she participated in a tournament without wearing a hijab. She had participated in previous tournaments without issue, but during this tournament, her brother played against an Israeli Grandmaster, which I guess is also a no-no (but fear not, Jared Kushner will create peace in the Middle East). Both Dorsa and her brother were banned.

Since the ban, Dorsa has won a chess scholarship from St. Louis University and studies biology while playing for the university’s chess team. She has changed her Chess Federation status to the United States, where she will continue to kick ass.

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