Miss Peru and Ni Una Menos


Major kudos to the contestants of this year’s Miss Peru beauty pageant, who took a section of the competition and turn it completely on its head. Apparently, each woman was supposed to declare her “measurements” (waist and bust size…..). Instead, they decided to share some alarming statistics about violence against women and to bring further visibility to the #NiUnaMenos movement in South America.

“My name is Camila Canicoba and I represent the department of Lima. My measurements are: 2,202 cases of femicide reported in the last nine years in my country”

“My name is Karen Cueto and I represent Lima and my measurements are: 82 femicides and 156 attempted femicides so far this year”

“Greetings from Almendra Marroquín. I represent Cañete, and my measurements are: more than 25% of girls and teenagers are abused in their schools”

“My name is Romina Lozano. I represent the constitutional province of Callaomy and my measurements are: 3,114 women victims of trafficking up until 2014.”



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