Sister Rosetta Tharpe


Living in Cleveland means hearing all the coverage every year surrounding the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees and winners (I’ve yet to actually go to the museum, but fear not, it’s on my Cleveland bucket list). This year’s nominees included regular occupiers of my playlists Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine, but it also finally included Sister Rosetta Tharpe, whose absence until this year was one of the biggest reoccurring snubs.

“The Original Soul-Sister” and “The Godmother of Rock and Roll”, popular in the 30’s and 40’s, was known for her masterful blend of Gospel, Blues, and Rock. Her 1944 “Down by the Riverside” was selected for the National Recording Registry of the U.S. Library of Congress in 2004 and shows Rosetta absolutely shredding it at around the 1min30s mark. Here’s to hoping that she gets in this year, she certainly deserves it!

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