Ruth Pfau


Not all of us can prevent a war; but most of us can help ease sufferings—of the body and the soul.

Ruth Pfau

A day late due to travel for work, but here we go!

Dr. Ruth Pfau was a German-born physician and nun who dedicated her adult life to the fight to eradicate leprosy in Pakistan through both a medical campaign, as well as a moral one. She was appointed as the Federal Adviser on Leprosy to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in 1979 and while not completely eradicating the disease, was able to help drive the number of cases from 19,398 in the 1980s to 531 in 2016. It is estimated that the 157 leprosy clinics she established across the country treated over 56,780 people, helping Pakistan to be listed as one of the first Asian country to have leprosy “controlled” by the World Health Organisation in 1996. These efforts and her life of service earned her the nickname “The Mother Theresa of Pakistan”. Dr. Pfau passed away earlier this month on August 10th. She was 87.

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