Saffiyah Khan


Last Saturday in Birmingham England, the English Defence League (EDL) held a demonstration in response to the recent attacks in London and Stockholm over the past several weeks. The EDL is known to be pretty vocal hatemongers, so much so that the two co-founders of the group left the organization in 2013 because of worries over the “dangers of far-right extremism”. It was at this demonstration that Saffiyah Khan noticed that roughly two dozen members of the EDL had surrounded a woman wearing a hijab and that the situation was getting tense.

So this 25 year old bad-ass decides to singlehandedly step in and have some calm (albeit choice) words for the EDL. This picture proceeded to be taken and go viral. Just look at it, I love it so much. This dude’s face is going red and his veins are starting to throb, and my girl Saffiyah is cool and collected. Let’s all stop hoping that more Saffiyahs existed in the world to step in, and start making the choice to BE the ones to step in, unafraid and with smiles on our faces.

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