Lucy Parsons


Prominent labor organizer, Lucy Parsons was of Native American, Mexican, and African American heritage and married a white man when it was against the law to do so, fleeing from Texas to Chicago to avoid persecution.
Lucy and her husband were described as being “more dangerous than a thousand rioters” by the Chicago police for their effective means of protest and activism. Although known mostly for her role as an anarchist-communist and giver of powerful speeches, Lucy’s activism also extended on behalf of issues such as homelessness, women’s rights, racism, and political prisoners. Lucy’s activism did not diminish when she was unable to prevent the exectuion of her husband (charges relating to the Haymarket Riot). Never giving up on her dream of justice and equality for all peoples of all social-economic classes, Lucy was a founder of the international labor union Industrial Workers of the World and continued to be a badass and fiery orator well into her 80s. #WCW

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