Bobbi Gibb and Katherine Switzer

Bobbi and Katherine both competed in the 1967 Boston Marathon as baddasses at a time where women were not allowed to compete per AAU rules, because women were thought physically incapable of running that extreme of a distance. Bobbi had run the year before unregistered (without a bib number) and caused such a stir that the mayor of Boston was waiting at the finish line to shake her hand (she finished ahead of TWO THIRDS of the field with a time of 3:21:40)

Although Bobbi ran again the following year and beat Katherine by nearly an hour, Kathrine got a lot of media attention because she was a registered runner, having gotten her bib as an “oversight”. Officials were so angry that they tried to physically take away her bib while she was running, and in doing so provided an iconic image of them failing so very hard. Although proving that women were just as physically capable as men to run the grueling marathon, it wasn’t until 1972 that they were officially allowed to compete as registered runners #WCW

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